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Grossiste Turquie
The biggest database of Ceramic, stone and marbles factory in Turkey 2021 Discover business List supplier and factory of Ceramic, Bathroom, Kitchen Fair, which covered a wide selection of floor-wall coverings, ceramic processing technologies, decoration products, packaging, and storing products. With the cooperation of TSF (Turkish Ceramics Federation)...
Marble & Ceramic
Grossiste Turquie
Since 2006 year, we started natural stone, marble and travertine raw materials sector with high quality, fair price in Turkey.
Marble & Ceramic
Grossiste Turquie
Established in Turkey in 1995, this manufacturer has mastered the stone, the glass and the clay, and creates unique designs that are appreciated by the whole world. Having mastered stone, ceramic and glass work, this factory is reshaping the artistic heritage of Anatolia.
Grossiste Turquie
Grossiste Turquie
With almost 20 years of experience on plastic injecton, this supplier manufactgure plastic injection moulding presses which varies from 75 to 270 tons of clamping force.
Grossiste Turquie
Marble & Ceramic
Grossiste Turquie
Manufacture glass mosaics for domestic market in Turkey
Marble & Ceramic
Grossiste Turquie
Marble & Ceramic
Grossiste Turquie
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Bathroom Products, Bathroom Furnishings, Sanitary Installations and Accessories

  • Sanitary Ware Products
  • Armature Groups
  • Bath-tub, Jacuzzi, Hydro Massage Systems and Accessories
  • Shower Cabin Systems and Accessories
  • Toilet, Reservoir, and Complementary Products
  • Bathroom Furniture and Accessories
  • Sauna Systems and Equipments
  • Towel Warmer and Radiator Systems

Ceramic Floor & Wall Tiles and Wall-Covering Products

  • Ceramic Products
  • Porcelain Products
  • Granite Products
  • Natural Stone Products
  • Marble Products
  • Tales and Mosaic Products
  • Glass and Glass Construction Products

Ceramic Processing Technologies and Complementary Products Producers

  • Ceramic Machines
  • Ceramic Raw Materials
  • Ceramic Paint and Raw Materials
  • Ink and Pigments
  • Isolation Materials and Chemicals
  • Ceramic Adhesives
  • Profiles
  • Ceramic Cutters, Spare Parts and Accessories
  • Scraper and Lustering Machines and Stones
  • Brick- Tile Machines and Equipments

Kitchen Products and Accessories Producers, Importers and Distributors

  • Kitchen Furnitures
  • Solo and Built-in Kitchen Devices
  • Countertops
  • Closet-in Rail, System and Equipments
  • Decoration Products and Accessories Producers,
  • Importers and Distributors
  • Floor, Wall and Ceiling Covering Products
  • Decorative Objects and Accessories
  • Inside and Outside Lightening Products
  • Electronic Smart Home Systems
  • Heating, Cooling and Climatization Systems

Manufacturers of Systems and Machinery for Technical Ceramics and Metal-Ceramics

Raw Materials, Mixes and Equipment for Ceramics

Graphic Studios

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